Saturday, July 26, 2008


tsukemono pot
A couple of days ago, I was inspired by an article in the Los Angeles Times to go to Uwajimaya's and get a Japanese pickle-pressing pot. Its instructions are all in Japanese, and it looks like it has several recipes for things like eggplant pickles--I'll have to try to get Rachael to translate it for me. It seems pretty easy to work--just snap the lid on and tighten the big screw--but there might be important subtleties explicated in the directions.

I made radish pickles from a recipe in the LA Times article, and super-quick cabbage-cucumber pickles from Washoku. The radish pickles are really good (and pretty!), and seem like they'll keep for a while. The cucumber-cabbage pickle was good too, though less exciting. I'll finish it off in my work lunch tomorrow. Here's how I ate them for dinner:

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joannamauselina said...

They are pretty, and your dinner looks wonderful. Are we going to have some this evening? Love A