Friday, April 17, 2009

Japanese garden

I unexpectedly didn't work yesterday, so Annie and I went on a photo outing to the arboretum's Japanese garden. We couldn't find our membership card, but the lady guarding the gate found our name on a list and let us in after we proved who we were. I showed off my new camera (look! I can slow the shutter speed to make the water blurry!)


and my new macro lens (look at the in-focus moss flowers!)


and enjoyed the pretty sights.


There weren't too many flowers out yet, so we hope to return in a couple of weeks, before our membership expires.

Afterwards we went to Cafe Flora where we ate yam French fries and farro. My food pictures didn't turn out well, but here's a photo of my napkin:



joannamauselina said...

Lovely, particularly the napkin! And the fuzzy waterfall, and the nice leaves.

Lillian said...

Heh, that napkin!

I dropped off a resume at Cafe Flora yesterday, if they call me back (probably won't), you should totally come and eat there this summer.