Tuesday, July 14, 2009

lemon-squeezy tempeh

This is an easy way to add a little substance if you've planned a menu that's too vegetabley and unfilling. You can change the flavorings around to suit the rest of your dinner--add a little chipotle en adobo if you're having Mexican food, or ginger and green onion if you're having rice and miso soup.

tempeh i

Tempeh Fingers

to serve 2
1T each soy sauce, water, oil, and vinegar (pick oil and vinegar that will go with the rest of your dinner)
a couple of cloves of garlic, squashed
a few pinches of suitable flavorings (to go with the pasta in the photo, I used marjoram, thyme, pepper, and chili flakes)
6oz tempeh, cut into 1/4"-thick fingers
oil for frying

Whisk the marinade ingredients together in a shallow dish, then roll the tempeh fingers around in it. Let rest 10-15 minutes, then turn them over and let them rest a while longer, till they've soaked up most of the liquid.

Fry on medium heat, about five minutes per side, till they have a nice golden crust.

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joannamauselina said...

Beautiful picture. And very yummy looking as well. Just the ticket, in fact.