Saturday, November 28, 2009

my sad new haircut

People have been remarking on how long my hair's getting, accusing me of becoming a hippie, so I've been nagging Rachael to cut my hair. She wanted to give me a Louise Brooks hairdo,

while I hoped to look more like Ian Curtis:

I finally convinced her that I was too lazy to maintain such a smooth, nice bob--it would probably require products, or a blow-dryer--so she relented. My hair cut was going well till she got to the fringe. It felt like she was cutting it awfully short, and when she finished she began shrieking with laughter. It was less than an inch long! She quickly decided to give me an aging, punk-rock lesbian look, and cut it shorter all over. Sadly, I ended up looking more like GI Jane.

Ugly hair


joannamauselina said...

It's adorble!!

Rachael said...

you'd better let me do your mustache - if not, you'll look like gi dyke!

Lillian said...

Whatever, doesn't even look bad! Looks GOOD!