Tuesday, January 11, 2011

sauerkraut revisited

sauerkraut ii

My cranberry sauerkraut didn't turn out quite as I expected--I layered the cranberries in the midst of the cabbage and expected them to pop as I squashed the cabbage enough to make the juices rise above the top of it all (I forgot to mention in my previous post that you have to really press hard to get red cabbage to give up its juice), but they pretty much all remained intact. When I make this sauerkraut again (I will!) I'll pre-squash them a little before adding them to the crock.

I ended up with right about a gallon of sauerkraut ( I have three jars in the picture because I gave a little jar away as an Epiphany present), enough to last me a few months. I mostly like to eat it with my work lunch, as a sort of salad.

Sauerkraut iii

P.S. According to I Write Like, this post was written in the style of James Joyce.


joannamauselina said...

Yes I said yes. I mean no, it doesn't sound very Joycean to me. But the sauerkraut looks very good. And pretty.

rebecca said...

I will Yes I mean maybe it was because I kind of rambled on about my sauerkaraut.