Monday, March 21, 2011

my new bread pans, and what I made with one of them


I recently came into a 25lb package of oats, so Annie and I went to the restaurant supply place to get a big, bug-proof container. There was a used section in the back of the shop with cute dishes and things, and some nice industrial bread pans. Annie saw me admiring the pans and encouraged me to get one even though I don't really have anywhere to put it and already have plenty of bread pans. I was persuaded, and got a set of three 4"x12" pans all strapped together to make them easy to move around as a unit.

soda bread and pan

We had a St Patrick's day party soon afterwards, so I decided to make a double recipe of Irish oatmeal bread instead of my usual soda bread, because I thought it would be the perfect size to fit into one of my three new pans. It did turn out just right, and I ended up with a long, skinny loaf. I normally only make one recipe of this at a time, as soda breads are best on the day they're baked (though they make excellent toast for a couple more days), so I'll give you the smaller recipe.

Oatmeal Bread

makes one 4"x8" loaf

200g steelcut oats
250ml homemade soy yogurt*, or milk of your choice soured with 1t vinegar
50g coarse whole wheat flour
210g all-purpose flour
1/2t each baking soda, salt
25g oleo

The night before you bake, mix the oats with the yogurt or soured milk, and let sit out on the counter soaking all night.

The next day, heat the oven to 425°F. Whisk the flours together with the soda and salt, and rub the oleo in with your fingers. Add the oat mixture, and stir together thoroughly. You may need to add a little liquid to get a nice, soft dough. Spread into your greased bread pan, cut a lengthwise slash down the center of the loaf, and bake for about an hour. Turn out of the pan and let cool.

*The boughten kind, with its tapioca starch and guar gum, isn't wet enough to work as well as the kind you make yourself, which has the consistency of buttermilk.


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joannamauselina said...

It was a fun outing, a fun party, a scrummy dinner that you cooked, and even the soda bread (never my favorite) was very good.