Wednesday, May 18, 2011

a use for smoked salt

smoky salt tomato

Annie and I both worked on Mother's Day, so we celebrated it the following week, with breakfast before we went to the Magic Flute. I made us some festive Tofu Benedict (or maybe it was Tofu Florentine since I added some spinach I had on hand) from Vegan Brunch, and was happy to find that it called for smoked salt. You may recall that I made smoked salt a couple of years ago: at the time I'd been seeing lots of recipes calling for it, but once I had a jar of it I didn't seem to need it any more. In this case the salt is sprinkled over sliced tomato to make it simulate ham, kind of.... Anyway, it was good, and if you have some smoked salt that somebody gave you it's an idea for you! I bet it would be good sprinkled on the tomato in a TLTA, too.

tofu benny

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joannamauselina said...

It was a wonderful breakfast!