Wednesday, August 13, 2008

boyish new hat


Here's the Koolhaas hat I just finished. I carefully made the girl's version (with one less repeat of the lattice pattern), even though it wouldn't cover my ears, because I hoped to look chic and feminine in my new hat. When Rachael saw me in it she immediately exclaimed "Mommy, you look like a boy!' As you can see, Rachael looks cute and girlish in the same hat.

Later, she was telling me that a girl shouldn't wear stripy tee-shirts if she doesn't want to look like a lesbian. I pointed out that I have several stripy tee-shirts that I wear often, and don't consider especially dykey, and she told me nothing I wear could make me look more dykey than I already do! Maybe that's why cute boys don't flirt with me any more....

1 comment:

joannamauselina said...

You look cute and adorable in anything. Don't listen to that Rachael who is now shrieking with laughter at her wit. She doesn't understand true personal style.