Sunday, August 10, 2008

five apricots


Less than a month ago, my apricot tree was covered with green apricots: many more than last year, when I picked about 1.5kg, enough for two batches of jam. When I looked at it through the kitchen window last week I could tell that there were far fewer, but I was still shocked and distressed to find that the squirrels had eaten all but five!


That wasn't nearly enough for jam, so I made this galette instead. The only thing I did different was spreading a jar of cherry-raspberry jam on the dough before laying on the fruit, instead of sprinkling it with cornstarch and sugar. Anyway, it was a success--everyone especially liked the crust.


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joannamauselina said...

Those fluffy tailed fiends! Your picture is, of course, far more beautiful than mine. And the crust was indeed fabulous.