Friday, September 5, 2008

disappointing melon

cute melon

I usually never buy cantaloupes because I can never seem to find a good one. They're always green and hard and unscented when I look at them in the store. I know others have better luck, because the melon I eat at restaurants and at the Family Kitchen is always nice and ripe. Despite what Rachael says I think I have okay luck with watermelon, which is supposed to be harder to pick out (being all visual and auditory, with no smell to help).

I saw this cute cantaloupe at the Madison Market and thought my luck had turned! It looked ripe (no green, all nice and pale orange beneath the netting) and smelled strongly of cantaloupe. And it only weighed 475g, the perfect size for one person's breakfast! I sprinkled it with pepper and ate it with a fork, in the Ross-Ryan manner, and it had no flavor at all: just a pleasing wetness.


joannamauselina said...

That is very sad story. Not much better than a cool (not cold), fragrant, sapor explosivo cantaloupe.

Lillian said...

That must be disappointing. I have the same luck with oranges. Rachael wants to know if you snickered to yourself when you wrote the last line of this blog. She says, "gross."

rebecca said...

I did snicker!