Wednesday, July 16, 2008

jam tart

I made this tart yesterday, following this recipe. I used half vanilla apricot jam and half French apricot (flavored with apricot kernels), and added some minced rosemary to the crust. I didn't have any turbinado or demerara sugar, so substituted praline crumbs left over from my Xmas baking. Unfortunately, I ignored the recipe's advice to use my nose to determine doneness--I set the timer for half an hour, then got engrossed in my knitting. I noticed smells, but decided that it couldn't possibly be ready before the timer went off: then I realized that I'd forgotten to hit 'start,' and it had been baking who-knows-how-long and was well on the way to being burnt.

I had to eat it all by myself, as Annie was at work and Rachael had to do homework, so I was pleased to find that the dark brown crust tasted fine.

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joannamauselina said...

I would have been happy to come over after work - at 0100, as it happens