Monday, July 21, 2008

pea vines

Yesterday I finally cooked the pea vines I'd bought from the Hmong lady a whole week before. They still seemed nice and fresh after all that time, with only a couple of wilted leaves to pick off. I just fried them with some garlic, salt, pepper, and chile flakes, added a little water when they got brightly-colored and limpish, and let them steam for a little bit. That, along with some brown rice with Trader Joe's Soycutash, gave me a couple of days of work lunches.


joannamauselina said...

Is soycutash better than the other? The pea vines sound wonderful, but succotash (sp?) is one of my most hated foods.

rebecca said...

Soycutash has edamame instead of lima beans, so it's better.